Makup Haul :) part 1

Hello lovelies

My birthday was in September and I got a few gift cards as presents. At the time I hadn’t really wanted anything in particular, but as any makeup hoarder the gift cards were burning a hole in my wallet. 🙂 Sephora was doing this thing where if you buy $35 worth of products then you got a clutch with many different samples in it. I figured it was the perfect time to spend a little gift card money.

I ended up buying here products ive been looking at buying for a very long time. So I finally broke down and bought them. Also in this little haul I figured id show off some of the makeup products tat ive recently bought and that my friend bought for my birthday as well. This is probably going to be broken up in two parts. Hope you enjoy 🙂

The Products:

the first is the Lock it Setting Powder Brush I got it as a gift and I so obsessed with it already the brush is so soft and I lobe the shape of the brush. Its tapered so I can use it under the eye. Also though large enough where I can use it all over the face.

  • img_3885img_3886img_3887-1Next is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in the color Neutral which for regular concealing is way to light for my skin. However I planned on using it for brightening under my eye. Despite what others are saying about this product I actually like this. I do not like the smell it kind of smells like white out but the actual product I enjoy so far.img_3891-1img_3892-1img_3888img_3889-1Next is HudaBeauty lashes in the style Carmen they are thick and dramatic but absolutely beautiful. They feel amazing I have yet to try out them but I’m really excited to give it a go.img_3893-1img_3894-1img_3895-1Next is Huda Beauty again but one of her Liquid matte lipsticks in the shade Muse. Ive been wanting to try her lipsticks for awhile now. However I did not know what shade I finally decided on the color Muse. I really like her formula, its not super drying it does break down faster then most of my lipsticks however. I am interested in purchasing more soon 🙂img_3898img_3900img_3902-1Then I got Konnichiwa from Colourpop and I’m pretty obsessed with the packaging. Its a pretty mauve pink color and the formula of there lippie stix especially for the price.img_3904img_3905img_3906I recently Got he highlighter by Becca Cosmetics in the shade Opal and its exactly what my dreams are made of. Its the perfect amount of glowing beautifulness 🙂 🙂 Its one of my favorite highlighters in my collection. Ive been using it nonstop since I got it for ym birthday.img_3911img_3912Next is Damned by KatVonD. Ive been wanting this beautiful Berry Cherry color forever!!! But for some reason ive been holding off on buying it, I finally broke down and bought it and I’m So in love 🙂 Its the most perfect fall shade ever. I Love KatVonD lipsticks theyre one of my favorite types.


This the end of the first part…I will be posting the second part in the next few days.

Hope you guys enjoyed this first part and seeing what I bought. Tell me in the comments some of the new products you’ve been wanting to buy that you recently broke down and bought.


Until next time my beauties.



Sugar Skull Makeup

hey lovies,

Autumn is my favorite season, I come alive during hoodie weather, all the bonfires, apple picking, the fall leaves are such a sight. I live in New England so the greatest and only time to be up this way is during the fall. Besides Autumn, Halloween is my absolute favorite thing in the world, it makes me so happy. I’m beyond obsessed with everything Halloween both cute stuff and horror gore stuff. So naturally I’m crazy about SFX makeup and I start super early around September which is pretty much now.

Sugar skulls have a lot less to do with Halloween and everything to do with the Mexican celebration known as Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), begins Oct 31st until November 2nd, I believe. Where people honor the dead with alters and celebrations. Ive always been crazy about the elaborate Sugar Skull designs and the alters, they truly inspire me and its my favorite thing to recreate on my face.

Usually I do my body painting late at night when I cannot sleep, its when I have the most time, when I’m restless and want to get an idea out. So I wanted to create a colorful sugar skull one I hadn’t done yet. I wanted to keep the canvas as white as possible and then contour with deep colors and throw random bright colors into the mix. All the paints I used were Mehron Paradise paints because they are my absolute favorite to use and they are so easy to use.

  • I started with a white base just a normal base that I set with Translucent powder from Ben Nye.
  • I contoured the cheeks with Purple, blue and a little black eyeshadows to really keep going back in to deepen them. To bring the focus towards the middle of the face.
  • I wanted the eyes to be dark so I mixed dark purple paradise paint around both eyes and set it with the same purple from my contour.
  • on my lips I used an OCC lip tar in the color Trollop.
  • I drew lines as superficial teeth with black paint.
  • I used light blue in scallop shapes around each eye, put tiny lime green dots in each scallop and also added light  purple lines in between each scallop.
  • I added lime green dots down the middle of my nose also black to the tip as if my nose was missing.
  • I decided my eyes needed something else so I used the deeper turquoise blue and lined my eyes. Still not satisfied I coated both top and bottom lashes with the color.
  • I added a couple random squiggles with lime green accents. I wanted a daisy shaped flower on my chin that I decided to fill in pink and purple.
  • I painted my neck black to keep the focus on my face.
  • then I really was lost on what else to do I thought a huge extravagant rose on the forehead would be too hard for me to do. But I decided to do it anyway, because why not. It didn’t come out as bad as I thought it might but still not completely happy with it.
  • lastly my hair was a mess so I decided to add in a standard flower crown I got from the Big E last year (huge fair that happens in New England around this time)


thank you for taking the time to read this! Hope everyone enjoys this 🙂


Makeup By Penelope


Fairy inspired look.

Hell lovies

Makeup is my first real love, I love for fashion and style, celebrity gossip and trends but my baby really is makeup. I can easily spend 80$ on one palette and have a heart attack to buy one 40$ shirt. But I guess everyone has their own vice, right?

I started out doing makeup for wedding, birthday parties, proms, big events etc. However now I’m getting really involved in the wonderful world of SFX. Still a baby and learning but progressing everyday. I follow this amazing SFX makeup artist named Vanna whose IG is @vannaaaaxo (she is amazing), she created this beautiful Mermaid look using purples  and teals and just made this gorgeous look.

So I took and ran with the idea, I took heavy inspiration from her look while still putting my own spin on it. Her makeup is definitely  mermaid inspired and mine I went with a more Avant Garde music festival look mixed with a Fairy.

The body paint I used is Paradise paint by Mehron, my absolute favorite for SFX body paints and also white from Wolfe Artist paints that are wonderful too. I went in with a super teal/blue base and waited for that to dry. I contoured a bit with a deep blue and also purple to give dimension to my face and also on my neck where my collarbone is located and chest. I highlighted under my eyes and everywhere I would normally ha ve “highlights” with a highlighter by Anastasia Beverly hills from their powder contour palette. and dusted translucent setting powder by Ben Nye all over my face. chest and shoulders so that nothing smudged.  My eyebrows are filled in with the Same purple and blue shades I used for the contour which are from the Urban Decay palette again in the shades Metamorphosis and Bandersnatch.

On my lids I used the Alice through the looking glass palette by Urban Decay I used the color Lily mixed slightly with Hatter as my transition color and deepened the crease with Reflection from the same palette.  on the actual lid I packed on a bit of Cake. I actually used Wolfe artist white body paint fort he liner. I wanted to make my contour a bit more “fun” so I ripped a part a makeup wedge and dipped in back into a few different Mehron body paints and stippled it on to where I originally contoured. I went back in with my white body paint and created these dot/freckles over my nose on my temples, chin  around the mouth and neck.

The lipstick was ELF brand in the color Natural just as the base, then I felt like my face was missing something. I couldn’t figure out what and then it hit me, when you have no idea what to do just add glitter :). so I added glitter to the forehead on the cheek, neck and added it to my lips and eyebrows.  The lips are just a random pair of Ardell lashes I had and the headbands are from Claires.

This look was so cool to create after I did it I was definitely feeling myself, I want to recreate it to go to a festival. Makeup IG : @makeupbypenelope or @pcardinale_mua

Until next time loves




I’m officially back!

Dear Blog lovers,

I must apologize 10months ago I left this blog behind believing that I was failing at it. I realized today that it is what was missing from my life in the sense I needed it to go into another world. I started this blog in order to share my version of my own personal style a long with the fashion that I truly love. Also to share my one true love which is Makeup and anything makeup related.

I lost sight of it during my frustrations, I am back and hopefully better then ever. I will be posting regularly. I haven’t made it certain if I’m going to try and keep up with a set schedule or if I’m going to just post when I feel completely necessary. I want to revamp this blog, you can expect fashion and style looks, ootd, makeup all the way to my favorite movies and movie reviews. Anything I’m really feeling like talking about at that time of the day. Hopefully I will be able to do this correctly this time.

Follow me on the Social Meds for the up to date things in my life lol @makeupbypenelope is my actual makeup IG that I am trying to get better at updating. @pcardinale_mua is my personal IG that I also sometimes post big makeup looks on that took hours to create but also random pictures of my journeys through this beautiful world. Also I regularly update on twitter @pcardinale91 . IG is where I update on the daily though. thank you for all the support even when I was gone. 🙂



It’s been a long time☺️

hello Beauties👑

It’s been a very long time since I posted on here and I apologize, a lot of things got in the way but I’m back 😊

I missed Halloween posting which is my favorite here is a few looks I did this Halloween 2015 

I love different kind of skull make ups    
  I attempted Venom for the first time this year modeled after Madeulook by lex’a venom look.  
  Bane is the Shit!!!  


This is chrisspy’s gangster clown 

  Hope you liked these looks💁🏻👸🏻



Colourpop haul

Hello beauties🎀

lim back with my color pop haul, I’ve wanted to order from this company for ever and never actually did until now. And already I’m thoroughly impressed and will be ordering from them again very soon. The first thing in the package is this personalized cute note that I think is adorable  to put in the package.

image image

also what was in the package was these two cards which show you some tips and tricks to how best use their products. Which is such a cool idea, and goes through all their products.image image

I ordered 5 lip pie six and two eye shadows.  image

The first eyeshadow I got was Shark Attack which is a shimmery peach color that is just gorgeous for the summer.image image image image

The next eyeshadow I got was in the color Erotic, it’s another shimmer but a beautiful color looks mired red then pink in person but once switched it looks more of a deep pink. Both eyeshadows are extremely velvety and great color pay off.image image image image

Now onto the 5 lip pie stix that I’m extremely excited for. The first one is Cookie a very nude pink, it’s a matte but their mattes aren’t drying at all. The look is 1matte but doesn’t dry out your lips, ive had this package for a week and have constantly been wearing this color. I will definitely be ordering more lippies very soon.image image

This is the swatch of cookie on my hand.image

next lippie is in the color Topanga which being a 90s baby and a huge boy meets world fan I had too it was an absolute must. It’s a gorgeous coral rose color and absolutely beautiful.

image image

swatch for Topanga next to cookie.image

next lippie was in the color Bichette. Looks like an oxblood red but comes off more as a deep true red, a beautiful classic red to have in your collection and I love the name so much.

image image

Next color is Dalia which is a true oxblood red. And I’m in love😍😍image

sorry this one is out of order but this is the swatch of Bichette next too Topanga and cookie.image image

This is the swatch of dalia next to Bichette, Topanga and cookie to see the difference. image

last color was the color Westie which I own a west highland terrier soooo I needed this color regardless of the color it was a must. It’s a gorgeous pink though what I think of as a Barbie pink it’s so pretty.image image image

I’m so happy with this package I can’t wait to order a whole load more lol



A little inspiration…

hello beauties❤️

So I’m just sitting here after work on this crazy dark out of no where monsoon rain and heavy lightning and thunder storm we have going on outside; which I absolutely love by the way. I was trying to upload a new Colourpop haul because I just received my package in the mail. But for some reason the last month I can’t upload photos the normal way I have to do sown thing different and it uploads weird. It often inserts in the wrong place it’s just a mess and not working. I’ve asked a bunch of ppl but no one had a great answer other then they’re “fixing” it.

So as I was about to toss both my iPad and iPhone into the wall because I’m just that frustrated, I turned to watch the rain come down. There is something so eerie yet beautiful about the thunder lightning and how the rain washes over everything. How quickly it comes is how quickly it leaves.

I have been stressing over quite a few things including this uploading thing because I like to use this media as an outlet and it helps take my mind off things I don’t want to think about or worry about. But I realized today I need to stop getting so mad so fast over things I cannot control. Be more concerned about the things I want and can fix and have yet to do so.

so on this wonderfully rainy afternoon because I can’t upload what I originally wanted I shall leave you with a few of my most favorite quotes. Some from Disney, important ppl and song lyrics. All fun, interesting and true.

Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.😍

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image



Mini lush haul

hello beauties👸🏻

i only bought three bath bombs this time one is my holy grail that I always purchase and two are brand new to me that I have yet to ever try.

the first one I bought was sex bomb which is one that I always buy no matter if I already have it or not.


6.3oz $6.65

jasmine, clary sage, ylang yang and soya milk


Next I bought Granny Takes a Dip…psychedelic swirls and a meditative scent.


5.9oz $6.95

-lemon oil, spicy black pepper, and fresh ginger oil

i Can’t wait to try this one out. It looks so big compared to the other ones.


The last one I bought was Phoenix Rising and instead on a normal sphere shape this one too has a different shape. It’s so beautiful, a gorgeous purple color with nothing but gold shimmer and sparkle in it. It smells like true Ato pple cinnamon.


3.5oz $6.95

– apple and cinnamon, equipped with an actual cinnamon stick in the middle


i can’t wait to try these out I will let you all know how it goes🎀💁🏻

until next time😍




Hello beauties👸🏻

im back with my July ipsy bag unboxing, sort of thing lol

i love the bag this months design is great,  I don’t know why exactly but I’m obsessed haha

its got a chevron sort of design accept with darker colored striping on the edges of the lighter colors, I see it a lot in nail design and I have no idea what to call it. ☺️ Sorry.

For those of you that are unaware of what ipsy is its a monthly subscription 10-12$ (I forgot), it comes with 4-5 sample size products of all different kind of brands with all different beauty products depending on the month. They arrive every month in a completely different makeup bag/ pouch. All different kinds, completely different from each other with some sort of theme on the bag. Fun way to find and try new products out.image

In this bag I got 5 products from tweezers to bronzer.

lets get started…

firstly I got these really neat tweezers, perfect because I was just going to buy a new pair anyway, but they are baby pink and by crown brush.image

second up I got this 2 in one eyeliner/ shadow by jelly pong pong, made in Italy and its cruelty free.


doesnt have a color name😥 but it’s shaped like a chunky pencil

the color is a true brown with a gold shimmer underlying when in the light very beautiful. Went on my hand very creamy like very minimal smudging. Overall beautiful color.


Next is eau thermale avene…cleanace gel, it’s a soap less cleanser its thicker then water but slightly thinner then a body wash it has a light blue tinge to it. It smells like light version of baby powder and soap detergent mixed together lol at least to me it does.


Next is a perfume roller ball by Jor’el Parker in Classico? Lol that’s what it says on it. 8.8ml not a bad size I love it smells like kind of like an Estée Lauder counter and I mean that wonderfully. It smells appropriate for all different ppl, business young. I know perfume to some ppl can smell more like its for an elderly woman but I personally love love love all things perfume so none of that bothers me.


Final thing in the bag was a bronzer by Tarte which I am so excited about because I absolutely love anything Tarte. It’s a very light shimmery bronzer in the color park ave princess. And it’s phenomenal the perfect color for my light skin on a day that I don’t want to go to harsh on the contouring but want a bit of a wash of color and to feel more bronzed. Perfect for the summer fully obsessed with this bag this month it’s awesome.


The two swatches are of the Tarte bronzer on the left and the jelly pong pong eyeliner/shadow on the right.


i hope you guys enjoyed this, until next time👸🏻🎀💄



Mini Sephora Haul

hello beauties🎀💄

I’m back with a mini haul it’s only four products. Three of them are lip stains and one palette. I recently did a friends makeup for free and she so amazingly and graciously got me a gift card so I got a few products that I’ve been wanting but not sure I wanted to spend the money on.

I bought three Sephora luster matte long wear lip color, which is funny because it’s suppose to be matte but also a luster. It is beautiful when applied thought, I honestly was nervous how a luster matte lip color would look but worry no more they are beautiful. I also got the Artist Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. image

The three lip colors I got were in the colors coral, cranberry and pink flush.

imageThe first one I bought was coral cluster…


The brush tip looks like this on each color


Second cranberry…


Third pink flush…


This is the swatches (( L. -R. PINK FLUSH, CRANBERRY AND CORAL))

image I haven’t warn them enough to give full review, however I will be back with a full review when I’ve used some more.

They were on sale for $7 each when I got them. I’m completely obsessed with them, the formula is very creamy with out being to much. They do stain the lips but obviously there is transfer they look very shiny in the photo because of the flash on the lips they aren’t quite as shiny.

Then I got the Artist Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills and it’s beautiful!!


It has so many beautiful colors, I am a lover of bright fun colors so this palette was perfect for me. The eyeshadow so are really powdery in this one a lot but still very beautiful.


the first photo is in natural light the second is with flash. this the first row the top row.

starting at the top going down are the colors (DUSTY ROSE, AUBERGINE, ANACONDA, PUNCH FUSCHIA, BUTTERY, BLUE VELVET.)


The second row is next, first photo natural light second is with flash. Starting from the top going down is (COAL, UNICORN, PHRESH, BABY IM A STAR, ORANGE YOU FANCY, BEIGELY)

Overall I’m login all of these however I haven’t used them enough to really give you a full review so I will be back with a review on the cream lusters and the palette in full detail in a later post.